HALE data center: Your owner portal

Whether storing operating data, driver accounting or vehicle tracking – the HALE data center is your owner portal for all HALE taximeters.


Let yourself be won over by the comprehensive functionality, the simplest operation and the highest security standards! Specially developed for the taxi business.

Our data solution for your business

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Your benefits with the HALE data center at a glance

Are you looking for specific functions that will make your daily work easier? Here we show you what the HALE data center can do!

Master data management

Driver management


Create drivers and maintain their data.

Time models



Assign time models to your drivers, e.g. full-time or part-time.




Define allowances for weekends, nights or holidays.

Vehicle data



Your vehicle overview including installed devices, insurance and inspection dates.

Appointment management



Plan your shifts, vacations and absences.


Customer management



Create customers and automatically assign trips.


User management



Define access rights for your data center users.

Editing & Accounting

Logged editing



Insert trips and edit or cancel existing ones (with comment and logging of date/user).

Shift management



Split shifts and assign them to your drivers.


Driver accounting



Your driver account for shift accounting, additional posting of fuel receipts, etc.

Time sheet



Keep an eye on the working hours of your drivers – including active and passive breaks (with evaluation).

Reports & Statistics

Driver evaluation



Create trip and shift reports per driver. Similar to an electronic shift slip (see below).


Vehicle evaluation



Create trip and shift reports per vehicle. Vehicle groups can be defined using a prefix (taxi / rental car / large-capacity taxi ...).




Create driver, turnover and utilization statistics.



Working time report



Create working time and payroll reports.



Electronic shift slip



Save shift slips in electronic form (start, end, fare, extras, tip, turnover, VAT, empty km, occupied km, duration, etc.).

Monthly closing



Prepare yourself optimally for your payroll accounting (working hours, time models and allowances).


VAT pre-registration



Get an overview of your gross sales after VAT for your VAT return.


Automatic reports



Configure your desired reports – and you always have them in your mailbox!

Credit Customers

Trip identification



Enter the customer number on the taximeter for credit trips.




Define trip types



In addition to normal, credit and courier trips, create your own trip types for evaluations and settlements (e.g. patient trips, school transport, ...).

Fixed price trips



Enter fixed prices on the taximeter (if approved in the tariff).




Credit trips



Create customer-related trip reports for your billing including VAT reporting.

Data export & Interfaces

Data export



Export trip reports, working times, accountings or the cash book in pdf, xls and csv formats.

GoBD export



Export your GoBD-relevant data.




Your own logo



Customize your reports with your own logo.



Configured data overview



Configure your data overviews individually.



Configured reports



Show and hide columns – or configure your completely individual reports with our report designer (additional module – on request).


Data center



Trust in our ISO 27001 certified data center located in Germany.


Data retention



Your data is stored in our secure data center for 10 years.


Activity monitor



Use traffic light colors to keep track of your current vehicle activities ("Alive service").




Receive (configurable) notifications by email when your vehicles stop sending data.


Online help



Feel free to use our online help / FAQs at any time.





If you have any questions, problems, etc., please feel free to contact our hotline at any time.

Remote maintenance



We are also happy to help you directly "on site" via Teamviewer.


Comprehensive functionality, extremely simple operation and the highest security standards:

HALE data center – your owner portal!

Your way to more transparency and efficiency

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