HALE CAN adapter and transducers

CAN adapter

HALE offers the universal CAN adapter B2S-BCS-2 for vehicles without direct  signal control.


HALE advantages

  • ONE universal adapter for all high-speed CAN vehicles
  • Exact and reliable
  • More accurate than conventional CAN adapters, k = 16.000 p/km
  • Simple mounting

HALE transducers

Transducer for speedo cable fitting

  • for all vehicles with mechanical speedometer drive
  • rapid fitting to speedo cable
  • small housing with sealing point, splash-proof
  • optional connection sets available
  • no adapter or intermediate gearbox necessary
  • competitive price


Adapter for support / decoupling as well as dividing / doubling of sensor signals

  • 6 selectable sensitivity levels (250mV to 4,5V)
  • for sinusoidal or rectangular signals (also inductive)
  • 4 adjustable divisors: 1:1, 1:2, 1:4, 1:8
  • alternatively pulse doubler for tachographs
  • 4 pulse outputs (1 normal, 1 inverted, 1 double pulse normal, 1 double pulse inverted)
  • variety of applications! - for taximeters, tachographs, board computers, navigation systems, etc.