HALE seat sensors

... can – connected with a HALE taximeter – activate the passenger detection including front and rear bench seats. In addition, the taximeter will be switched on automatically and a documentation of special trips is possible.

Seat sensor SIT-SBR

HALE advantages:

  • the seat sensor recognizes person over 15 kg
  • no calibration necessary during lifetime
  • simple and secure system
  • no failures because of seat adjustments or repositioning
  • can be installed in the passenger and rear bench seats
  • easily placed and fixed under the seat cover
  • The round sensor areas allow comprehensive occupant detection
  • Also useable in combination with the HALE light barrier sensor LSS-4

Light barrier sensor LSS-4

HALE advantages:

  • simple mounting, flexible cable
  • small dimensions, extensive reach
  • inured to dust and dirt
  • no separate control box, direct connection to the taximeter
  • also useable in combination with the HALE seat sensor SIT-SBR