HALE Mirror Meter MM-03 – the ultraslim

... is the slimmest mirror taximeter on the market – only 11 mm. Also extremely light. Elegant and brilliant. With convincing technology. And still inexpensive. The "light mirror" among the HALE mirror taximeters sets standards – a comparison is worthwhile ...

The "light mirror"

The "Ultraslim" has an integrated NFC reader for driver and owner cards – the successor technology to the Cey system.

High quality at an affordable price: The "light mirror" among the HALE mirror taximeters is also technologically convincing. It has been upgraded with many high-quality features of the premium SPT series:

  • Automatic interior lighting in „stopped"
    — for the necessary brightness during the payment process
  • Automatic stepless dimming of the display 
    — brilliant at day, pleasant at night
  • Capacitive, illuminated and wear-free buttons  
    — can easily be operated from the front
  • Integrated NFC reader
    — for contactless driver registration and data transmission by NFC card

Other top features: The MM-03 has a 2-digit alphanumeric tariff display, the most modern tariff design with any number of tariff steps, an all-inclusive trip function (fixed fare) and much more.


Only the unrivaled low power consumption is really "light":

With only 0,35 mA in OFF mode, the "Ultraslim" is already optimally equipped for the age of electromobility!

The adjustable automatic sleep mode when the ignition is off is also easy on the battery.

Optional: Communication module with GSM, GPS and/or bluetooth

The "online taximeter"

An optional communication module (with GSM/GPS and/or bluetooth function) turns the "Ultraslim" into an "online taximeter". Operating data is thus transmitted directly to the HALE data center via modem.


The MM-03 is also well equipped for fiscal applications: An integrated SD card slot is available for this purpose.

The "take-along mirror"

The elegant way: replacement of the original mirror by direct mounting with different feet or adapters.
The alternative: placement in front of the original mirror by means of velcro mounting straps or zip tie.

HALE has been offering sophisticated mounting systems for all common taxi vehicles since 1999. This is also the case with the mirror meter MM-03, with which you can enjoy complete flexibility in installation:

  • Mounting instead of the vehicle's original mirror
    — with original mirror feet and adapters for all vehicle models, easily exchangeable by only 4 screws
  • Mounting in front of the original vehicle mirror
    — with velcro straps

Whether CE-compliant foot mounting or stem:

The "Ultraslim" is therefore also the ideal "take-along mirror" — easy and direct to mount!

The HALE data center – your owner portal for all HALE taximeters!

HALE Operations – your comprehensive operating data solution

With HALE Operations, we offer you THE comprehensive operating data solution for convenient data management/evaluation.


Your data will be stored safely and securely in the HALE data center!

The inexpensive MM-03 is also well equipped for all taxi requirements!

HALE mirror taximeter – tried and tested since 1999!

As a "mirror taximeter pioneer" we have been offering you high-quality solutions since 1999 – from the premium SPT series with patented "Night Vision Safety System" (only at HALE!) to the slimmest mirror taximeter on the market, the inexpensive MM-03.


No matter what you decide: Based on our decades of experience, you will receive convincing technology and elegant design!

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Get high quality at a low price!

Are you looking for a mirror taximeter that can do a lot, looks (really) good and is still inexpensive?


Then rely on HALE MM-03 – our "light mirror" with a perfect price/performance ratio!