Sustainability guideline

for HALE suppliers

As a family-owned company we responsibly set long-term corporate goals. 
HALE contributes to environmental protection and the conservation of resources through a sustainable value chain. 


In this context, the purchasing department at HALE plays a key role. As an interface to our suppliers it ensures that ecological, economic and social aspects along the value chain are as far as possible in line with the company’s sustainability goals.


HALE considers adherence to the accompanying social, ecological and economic standards as a basic requirement for successful cooperation with suppliers. In the interest and for the protection of HALE and its partners we reserve the right to review compliance with these standards as part of the supplier audit and to take action, including legal action, in case of  infringement. 


This sustainability agreement, which is based on internationally accepted principles and conventions such as the UN Global Compact, is a contractual condition of our order and is mandatory for all suppliers.

HALE obliges its direct suppliers to actively communicate the described requirements and standards within the supply chain!