HALE Mirror taximeter SPT-03R

... reflects the future in taxi. As the first of its kind, the unique SPT-03R is completely frameless, following a current trend in the automotive industry. The latest model in the SPT series was developed specifically for premium vehicles!

The eye-catcher in your taxi!

  • The first frameless mirror taximeter
  • Available in the current VW, Volvo and Tesla design
  • Capacitive, illuminated buttons with recessed grip – wear-free

Flexible and (legally) secure installation

As a "mirror taximeter pioneer" HALE has been offering legally compliant mounting systems for all common taxi vehicles since 1999. This also applies to the mirror taximeter SPT-03R:

  • Original mirror feet and adapters for all vehicle models
  • KBA approval ECE R46
  • Your (legal) security plus with HALE:
    Many additional type approvals at vehicle model level!

Convincing features

With the comprehensive functionality of the 3rd generation of the premium SPT series, the "Frameless" also impresses in daily taxi operations:

  • Convenient entry of credit customer numbers
  • Documentation of working time, breaks (active/passive), empty trips and special trips
  • Automatic interior lighting "in stopped"
  • 2-digit alphanumeric tariff display
  • Future tariff – pre-programmable with automatic tariff change at start of validity
  • and much more ...

For all requirements in the taxi!

With its flexible interfaces, the SPT-03R can be ideally integrated into any taxi system:

  • Data radio via HALE CAN or optional bluetooth interface
  • Contactless driver registration and data transmission via NFC card / integrated NFC reader
  • Optional: Automatic online data transmission via modem MOD-003

The "Frameless" is also well prepared for use with additional devices.

And with its unrivaled low power consumption of 0,5 mA in OFF mode, it is already optimally equipped for the age of electromobility!

HALE Operations – your comprehensive operating data solution

With HALE Operations, we offer you THE comprehensive operating data solution for convenient data management/evaluation.


Your data will be stored safely and securely in the HALE data center!

Only with HALE: Night Vision Safety System®

Like all mirror taximeters from HALE, the new premium mirror SPT-03R also features the patented "Night Vision Safety System" (NVS®), which is only available to HALE customers:

  • Brilliant mirror technology against glare / for more safety 
  • Electronic dimming glass – automatic, continuous dimming in case of dazzling 
  • Controls well dimming of exterior mirrors (car type dependent, e.g. VW, Volvo)
  • Highly luminous display regulates brightness itself – for optimum legibility by day and no dazzling at night
  • Maximum display brightness "in stopped"

Whether it's the sun during the day or headlights in the twilight/night – with HALE you won't be blinded! 
=> DEMO video by Gentex


NVS® is a registered trademark of Gentex.

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Get "Eye-Catcher" SPT-03R in your taxi!

Do you value technological advances? Should this also be reflected in a captivating look?


Then choose the HALE SPT-03R – the first completely frameless mirror taximeter on the market!