Cab Dispatch

Real-time tracking and dispatching

With the Cab Dispatch Client HALE offers the perfect and cost-effective tracking and dispatching system for your taxi business. Detailed overview, fast control of vehicle movements and statistics about trips, jobs and customers are only a view of the functionalities of the HALE Cab Dispatch for the efficient management of your fleet.

At a glance

  • Current location of each vehicle on the map by mouse click in the vehicle window
  • Easy control an quick overview of the vehicle movements
  • All relevant information like For hire, hired, ignition, seat sensor, fare and speed


  • Detailed overview of fleet with information like For hire, hired, ignition, seat sensor, fare and speed
  • Fast control of vehicle movements through route track line
  • Tele Atlas map data reside locally on your PC providing screen updates without data transfer

Job dispatching

  • Fast, easy and automatic job dispatching by navigation
  • Flexible dispatch options for assignment of jobs or pre-order
  • Maximum transparency of the current jobs for dispatcher


  • Data logger for managing complaints
  • Reports and statistics about taximeter trips, jobs and customers
  • Overview of speed and status information


  • Emergency function for more safety
  • Fare transfer feedback at the end of the trip – recording of the fare from your HALE taximeter
  • Voice function via GSM – the alternative to radio communication

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