HALE Cey online

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HALE Cey online is the successor of the HALE Cey System with Cab Assistant, which has been well-tried since 1997 and is the most widely used accounting software in Europe. With Cey online you increase the efficiency of your taxi fleet and reduce operating costs. As before the driver brings money and data on the Cey. The stored taximeter and tachograph data are transferred to the certified HALE data center without loss – the data are quickly accessible for comprehensive evaluation.


Continue using your well-tried Cey System and complete it with HALE Cey online for recording working time and pauses. Enhanced features and possibilities of HALE Cey online provide an even better overview and increased transparency for your accounting.



Full transparency with HALE Cey online

By means of the driver Cey you can quickly and securely transfer taximeter and tachograph data and digitally evaluate them, without any effort and costly investments in hardware or software. Latest software is always included.

  • Everything under control, quick overview, no missing turnover figures
  • Overview of drivers’ revenues and expenditures (e.g. fuel receipts)
  • Documentation of shifts and trips with empty km versus occupied km, fixed price, credit- or cancelled trips
  • Working time sheets with records of active and passive* pauses and much more
  • Improved organising by means of shift, single trip or working time records*
  • Clear statistics for checking your operating efficiency, e.g. top drivers, vehicle utilisation, turnover per working hour, and much more
  • Logged editing, entry of fixed price and cancelled trips, patient or dialysis trips, shift corrections
  • Master data and calendar management


*depends on software version

HALE Cey online overview


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