More transparency with HALE Operations

HALE Operations is the software solution for greater transparency and efficiency in the taxi business. Increase the efficiency of your taxi fleet and reduce your operating costs in order to achieve professional management in the taxi business.


HALE Operations transfers your tachograph data online into the certified HALE data center and securely stores it without loss – available for you anytime, anywhere with quick evaluations and clear statistics. Simple operation: take advantage of the enhanced features and capabilities of the taxi accounting system for quick and easy bookkeeping.

With HALE Operations you have all information at a glance:

Your shift details – with HALE Operations at a glance
  • Overview of drivers’ revenues and expenditures
    (e.g. fuel receipts)
  • Documentation of shift- and trips with empty km versus occupied km, fixed price trips, credit or cancelled trips
  • Working time sheets with recording shift times, driving and remaining time, recording active and passive* pauses etc.
  • Improved organising by means of shift, single trip or working time records*
  • Clear statistics for checking your operating efficiency, e.g. top drivers, vehicle utilisation, turnover per working hour, and much more
  • Logged editing, entry of fixed price and cancelled trips, patient or dialysis trips, shift corrections
  • Master data and calender management

* depends on software version

HALE Operations – and you know what‘s going on in your cabs!

Your way to HALE Operations

Do you want to optimize your day-to-day business with HALE Operations? All you need is the right HALE solution for data transmission from your taximeter – and a service contract with us!

Online data transmission directly from the taxi – fast and convenient!

Online data transmission directly from the taxi

If you are using mirror taximeter SPT-03R you need additionally modem MOD-003 for transfering your trip log data directly from the taxi / online to the HALE data center.


Our new mirror meter MM-03 does not require an additional external device/modem. It optionally offers an integrated communication module that enables online data transmission directly from the mirror!

Your alternative to online data transmission: Contactless data communication via NFC card

Data transmission with NFC card

As an alternative to online data transmission, you can also transfer trip log data from the SPT-03R or MM-03 to the HALE data center using an NFC card.


Simply read contactlessly via the NFC interface on the mirror, load it onto your PC via the NFC reader – and transfer it immediately to the data center!

Just keep using it: The proven Cey system is also compatible with HALE Operations!

Data transmission with the HALE Cey

Are you using the proven Cey system? No problem either – then your Cey simply goes "online" with HALE Operations!


How does it work? As before, your driver brings money and data on the Cey – and the taximeter data from the MCT-06 stored on it is loaded onto your PC via Cey Contact and transferred to the data center without loss. HALE Operations as "HALE Cey online"!

Do you want to know exactly what's going on in your taxis?

If so, then bring even more transparency and efficiency into your business with HALE Operations!