Roof signs TRS/TRL

Perfect aerodynamic design

The HALE roof sign has been developed particularly with regard to the permanently growing demands on modern vehicle design.

  • Perfect aerodynamic design
  • Various possibilities of mounting
  • Best price-performance ratio
  • Three-dimensional curvature of the front


 The new star on the taxi roof - the TAXI roof sign by HALE

LED technology

  • 20% brighter as lamp illumination
  • 85% less current consumption – saves energy and conserves battery power
  • Distinctive luminous colour for more attention
  • LED illumination for a long life time – no change of lamps necessary


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The TRS with well-known HALE quality is availabe with single-arm bracket or two magnetic vacuum cups. Exclusive for Mercedes-Benz HALE offers the TRS-014 with a single arm bracket.

TRS-015 with two magnetic vacuum cups
TRS-021 with single-arm bracket
TRS-014 with a single point for Mercedes-Benz

NEW: TaxiRoofLite TRL-01

The TRL-01 is the brand new, user-friendly and modern HALE roof sign. Three movable magnets provide a secure attachment also on vaulted roofs without abrasion, scratches or fading of colours.

The HALE roof signs are available in different housing colours and individual labelling according to the customers requirements.