HALE electronic presents its range of taxi products at Private Hire & Taxi Exhibition

The HALE product range includes the world renown SPT-02 mirror-taximeter and Microtax-06 meter, thermal paper printers and roof signs, seat sensors as well as software solutions for cab tracking, dispatching and accounting.

HALEs super slim taximeter Microtax® -06

HALEs Microtax®-06 is known for its high functionality, technology and design. It comes with a brilliant display, illuminated keys, a variety of operation modes and a highly flexible tariff system.  It is the perfect taximeter for sole proprietors and taxi fleets. MCT-06 provides various connections and modular extension possibilities such as: multiport printer TPD-01, roof sign, seat sensors, Cey-System for driver accounting or Cab Tracking and Cab Dispatching for remote vehicle tracking and monitoring. Three interfaces like CAN, RS232 and  Bluetooth offer the flexible data transfer to android phone, tablet, credit card terminal.

Software extensions can easily be programmed through the flashable program memory without demounting the taximeter. Automotive components guarantee a long lifetime. MCT-06 is MID approved and meets the highest requirements of the automotive industry.


Products can be ordered from the official HALE dealers which are listed on the website www.hale.at/en


Mirror taximeter SPT-0

The first mirror taximeter has originally been developed and launched by HALE as a worldwide innovation.  The HALE mirror taximeter SPT-02 is the elegant innovation and the perfect integration: it replaces the original rear view mirror of the vehicle and is characterized by a high operations comfort. The brilliant mirror glass technology with the integrated temperature sensors guarantee perfect visiblity at any lighting conditions through automatic luminosity of the meter display and automatic and variable dimming of the mirror glass. The displayed fare can be seen very clearly from every seat. When switched off (OFF mode), the taximeter is invisible. SPT-02 offers the same modular extensions as MCT-06: printer TPD-01, seat sensors, roof signs, data radio for Cab Tracking, HALE Cey Accounting system.


TPD-01, the multifunctioinal thermal paper printer

TPD-01, impresses with its design, extremely small dimensions and the multiple mounting options. The fast graphics printing cares for crisp, accurate prints. Individual company head and tail texts as well as the cab companies logo can be sent from the PC directly to the printer. For control purposes over the taxi fleet the shift report can be

printed with detailed info about layer and absolute control counters, drive dump and utilization indicators (Busy utilization, revenue per km).

The modern thermal paper printer impresses by the very low power consumption: it only needs power when it is actually printing (wake-up via the interfaces). Otherwise it is in sleepe-mode.
TPD-01 is now available with the Bluetooth interface and sold as TPT-01-BT. See separate press information enclosed.

TRS roof signs with energy-saving LED-technolgy

HALE offers perfect aerodynamic roof signs with either two magnetic cups (TRS-015) or a single- arm- bracket (TRS-021).  LED-lights increase the brightness by 20% and achieve even more attention for the cab. At the same time power consumption is reduced by 85%". Time-consuming replacement of the bulbs is omitted.
All versions of the HALE roof signs offer the highest quality and most stringent tests e.g. for salt spray resistance, sunlight resistance, aeroacoustics, flow analysis, safety of the materials and luminosity. The HALE roof sign was also equipped with the label “approved safety 'of the TÜV Süd”.
The LED roof sign can easily be ordered in the HALE roof sign shop www.dachzeichen.de. The shop features a range of roof signs four different manufacturers as well as the unique search function on the vehicle type. From a value of € 50, - delivery is free shipping.

More products are to be found in www.hale.at/en.