HALE welcome VeriFone to HQ

After signing their distribution agreement with HALE electronic to supply Microtax taximeters, senior UK VeriFone technicians have now returned from the HALE HQ in Salzburg after a technical briefing and installation training.

VeriFone are now supplying and fitting the HALE MCT-06 meters for London fleets and drivers from their Kennington Operations Centre. The meters have been available in the UK for some time, but the VeriFone deal means choice, availability, technical support and after sales service will be increased for London fleets and TX and Vito drivers.

Simon Pancutt, Head of Engineering at VeriFone UK, was most impressed with the HALE set-up in Salzburg. “We were able to see how HALE taximeters are developed and manufactured, and how they work. We were made to feel most welcome in Austria. The HALE trainers were very thorough and tailored the training to our precise needs. Wherever you go in the world, from Salzburg to Sydney, I’m always reminded how unique London is and how highly London taxis are regarded. It’s really important to maintain the highest standards in everything we do for the London trade.”

Mario Stavrou runs HALE electronic in the UK. He is delighted that VeriFone are now distributing HALE meters. “VeriFone have great facilities in London, and superb technicians. As well as their own new TX and Vito meter customers, VeriFone will also be able to support drivers who already use HALE meters when they need servicing or tariff changes.”


Mo Ali, a senior technician at VeriFone who also travelled to Salzburg, was equally impressed and inspired by the HALE plant. His first project when returning from the trip was to install a fully working MCT-06 meter in the driver demo facility in Kennington, so customers can try it for themselves and see how easy it is to use. The VeriFone Meter Deal means that drivers now only need to pay from the equivalent of £75 per year over two years.