Product overview

HALE is reliable supplier of products for the taxi business and partner of taxi and rental car companies. The export to more than 40 countries makes HALE an international provider with highest expertise and experience. HALE is direct supplier for the German automotive industry and certified not only according to ISO/TS 9001:2008 but also to EN ISO/TS 16949:2009, which qualifies HALE as automotive supplier worldwide.


In addition to taximeters, thermal paper printers and roof signs HALE currently offers complete systems and solutions for driver accounting, fleet management as well as for tracking and dispatching. These core products are completed with a range of service tools and accessories and comply with the requirements and needs of the taxi business.


Thanks to our long-term experience in the taxi business, we offer flexible innovations in response to changes in the market. Modern technology, unconditional product quality and easy operation characterize the HALE product range.